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Roman Reigns defends WWE’s brutal year-round schedule

So maybe flying from Missouri to Saudi Arabia to New York to Europe to Pennsylvania in the span of roughly two weeks isn’t the best idea.

For those fans and critics who want WWE to take a more common sense approach to the way they tour their talent, Roman Reigns kind of disagrees. While every other sport or TV show in the world takes some kind of off-season or break, WWE keeps chugging along 365 days a year.

No off season. No time for wrestlers to reset both mentally and physically. Just a never ending story that WWE won’t stop anytime soon.

During his interview with Corey Graves on the After The Bell podcast, Reigns was asked about upcoming talent he’d like to face, but instead gave a long-winded answer about the value of hard work.

“There’s no off season and you know, the real way to show your value nowadays is consistency. And I think that’s in everything, not just in this business. People, can complain and say that it’s tough, the schedule’s tough, but any deep level of success is an everyday job. You have to be on it and working at all times, constantly thinking about it.”

The Big Dog makes some good points, but can the WWE roster work really hard and still have an off season like every other sport or TV show known to man?

Two, three months off after WrestleMania? What are your thoughts about WWE ever implementing a seasonal break for their roster of wrestlers?

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