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Of course Samoa Joe had the best reaction to CM Punk’s WWE return

Is it too late to ask for a 60-minute Samoa Joe versus CM Punk iron man match?

CM Punk is back and he’s shaking up the pro wrestling world once again. If nothing else, WWE is very good at keeping secrets and creating “wow” moments. Tuesday night, Punk returned to the WWE family, via Fox, and everyone had their own gut reactions.

As for the panel on WWE Backstage, other than Renee Young, everyone was floored by Punk’s appearance at the end of the show. Booker T and Paige gave their thoughts, but it was Samoa Joe who said it best.

“Well being someone who is most familiar with him, it’s the only way it could have been. You know, real quiet, real sneaky, real devious. I’m proud he’s kept up standards. It’s a really important thing. It’s good to have him back.”

Ah that Joe wink though.

A close second place goes to Adam Cole’s initial reaction to hearing ‘Cult of Personality’.

What was your first reaction when you heard those infamous Living Colour guitar riffs?

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