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Vince McMahon loves a pregnancy angle

If we accept the idea that nothing happens on WWE television without Vince McMahon’s say so - and while most backstage rumors are refuted at some point by someone, I’ve never heard anyone try to dispel that belief - then the fact we get pregnancy stories fairly regularly on WWE television must mean Vince McMahon sees value in them.

Current head of SmackDown creative Bruce Prichard tells a story where during one of Stephanie McMahon’s pregnancies Vince had to be talked out of doing an angle where either he or his son Shane would be revealed as the father, so... you get the picture.

How many pregnancy-themed stories has WWE produced over the years? I’m not going to go back and count them all, but I can tell you it’s at least ten. How do I know? Because to capitalize on the chatter around the latest Rusev/Lana/Bobby Lashley segment on this past Monday’s Raw, they’ve given us a Top 10 dedicated to kayfabe conceptions!

Most of these are from days gone by, if that helps. Also, two of them are shoots - just a straight-forward, normal case of a woman or couple being excited they’re bringing a new life into the world.

But Lana’s promo lands at #4, and the still unsolved case of Maria Kanellis’ second child kicks the whole thing off. So I don’t think Vinnie Mac has it completely out of his system just yet.


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