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CM Punk joins WWE Backstage

About a month back, there had been rumor floating around that CM Punk was in talks with Fox to join the WWE Backstage show. But then the rumors died down and the show started up, and it seemed like that was that.

Until tonight.

Tonight’s episode of the pseudo-behind-the-scenes show hosted by the always charming Renee Young saved the big reveal for the very end.

It really is good to hear that music.

When the rumors were floating around prior, the the man himself said this would be purely a Fox move (meaning he wouldn’t be signing with WWE), and rumors were that WWE may push against it but not too hard. And with ratings rather disappointing last week given a rough time slot with no real lead in, CM Punk is actually a man who could move that needle. You know he’s not going to sugarcoat anything in regards to the WWE, and fans may tune in to see what he has to say.

Punk said “see you next week,” so we can expect to see him then, though the WWE on Fox Twitter account made it seem that he may not be on every week.

Either way, Punk is a big get for the show and will add intrigue to a program still trying to find itself. More fans will be willing to at least check it out with the Straight Edge Superstar on it.

Are you one? Let us know below.

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