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Xavier Woods live-tweeting Raw was great, but not PG

As we’ve been documenting here at Cageside Seats, Xavier “Austin Creed” Woods is laid up recovering from injury. But he’s still keeping up with the product. And maybe losing his mind.

He tuned in to the Nov. 11 episode of Raw last night, and everything seemed to be going okay. Woods correctly predicted the fate of Montez Ford’s rope-shaking victory celebration:

Then Lana came to the ring in Manchester...

The seven-time tag champ was very worried about prospective parents Lana and Rusev, but for different reasons:

Thinking about the Ravishing One squeezing out a Machka Baby might have just broken our man X. Because his next, and thankfully last, tweet of the night was this observation on the Randy Orton/Ricochet story:

Yeah. Time for some of the good drugs, a bowl of Cool Ranch Doritos & ice cream, and a long night’s sleep.

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