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Montez Ford is going to be a big star

Well, he should be, anyway.

Since they started appearing on Raw, Angelo Dawkins has dominated the conversation about Street Profits among most of my NXT-watching peeps.

But that’s not because Montez Ford hasn’t been impressive or anything. It’s because from pretty much the moment he showed up in Full Sail with a red cup in his hand, it was clear Ford had “it”. Dawkins is a NXT lifer who even struggled a bit to stand out when the Profits first hit the scene. Seeing The Curse of Greatness find his footing is somewhat surprising. Everybody already had Tez pegged as a star.

Yesterday (Nov. 11) gave us a couple examples that encompass why, if WWE allows him to be - and probably even if they don’t - Ford is going to be a big deal.

First, it was Veteran’s Day here in the United States, which meant he got to talk a bit about his service in the Marine Corps:

Then, during a spotlight match alongside former Universal champs Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens, the Street Profit went viral thanks to this GIF which is pretty much just Tez being Tez:

He’ll perfect his shoot interview delivery over time (his comedic and intense promo skills are already pretty top notch). He might need to dial back the in-ring enthusiasm on spots like this one to ensure he doesn’t spend too much time in the trainer’s room. WWE would do well to not overdo the Profits’ “We want the smoke” catchphrase.

But even as things stand right now, Ford has everything it takes to be a big deal in the pro wrestling game.

Keep shaking those ropes, Tez.

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