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Sin Cara asks for WWE release

A short time ago, Sin Cara (Jorge Arias) became the latest WWE Superstar to publicly ask the company for a release from his contract. He posted a statement in Spanish; that’s included below along with a translation from’s Mike Killam.

Arias’ request follows recent public requests from Tye “Shawn Spears” Dillinger, Luke Harper & Mike Kanellis. Only Dillinger’s was granted. The company has not publicly responded to Harper or Kanellis, and they remain with WWE.

The Latino wrestler has been with WWE for a decade, signing a developmental deal in 2009 after working in the Mexican and U.S. indies as Incognito. He debuted on the main roster as Hunico before donning the Sin Cara mask when the luchador originally signed for the role (Mistico) was serving a Wellness suspension. He lost a feud with the original, but eventually took over the gimmick for good in 2013 after the first Sin Cara left the company.

It’s not known how much longer Arias has on his contract, but he did refute rumors he’d re-signed back in March of this year.

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