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Charlotte Flair wants Evolution 2 but she’s thinking bigger

When asked by talkSPORT about WWE running a second Evolution, the all women’s pay-per-view, Charlotte Flair had this to say:

“I definitely want an Evolution 2, but I’m one of those talents that’s like ‘No, I want to be on a card with the men and have the best match’. It’s not like here’s a men’s pay-per-view and here’s a women’s pay-per-view. No – at WrestleMania, I want to have the best match on the card. That’s celebrities, male talent, legends, female talent – I want it to be ‘she had the best match’. So, do I think Evolution 2 is a huge opportunity and exciting? Yes. But I like being on a card with men saying I’m better than all of you.”

A couple weeks back, Stephanie McMahon mentioned there would be “more to come” on the status of running another Evolution event. WWE was simply too busy worrying about putting on Natalya vs. Lacey Evans in Saudi Arabia to focus on a PPV dedicated entirely to its women’s roster.

Flair’s take on this is actually difficult to argue against. Another Evolution sounds great and all but why not just aspire to tear the house down on whatever PPV you’re showcased on? Of course, women aren’t getting the same number of matches as men on those shows, and that still merits a larger conversation, but her motivations are pure.

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