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Saudi travel woes means Nikki Cross gets her title shot tonight

With pretty much everyone who worked the Oct. 31 Crown Jewel show in Riyadh still in Saudi Arabia due to still-unconfirmed travel issues, WWE told us to expect “surprises” on the Nov. 1 SmackDown in Buffalo.

Here’s one less surprise...

Cross earned #1 contender status in a Six Pack Challenge two Fridays ago. WWE never announced when she’d get her shot at SmackDown Women’s champion Bayley, though. And I bet they’re glad they kept this in their pocket now!

Really, the plan all along should have been to announce tonight as an all-women’s show. It would have been good PR, and avoided whatever the trouble that’s keeping so many of WWE’s contractors and employees stuck in the Middle East, and again bringing negative attention to Vince McMahon’s deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

But I digress.

Excited for Bayley vs. Nikki Cross, along with Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Carmella, Dana Brooke and probably an influx of NXT talent?

Join us in the live blog either way!

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