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Becky Lynch is # 1 on PWI 100, heads off some of the inevitable debate

It’s newer than the PWI 500, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s (mostly) kayfabe ranking of the world’s top wrestlers that everyone argues about for a few days each year. That’s been around since 1991. The version dedicated to women’s wrestling, the PWI 100, has only been coming out since 2008.

But fans on all sides of the business like to argue about lists about as the rest of the world, so while you know there will be some debate about the PWI 100.

It’s hard to argue that anyone had a better year than Becky Lynch, though. On kayfabe accomplishments alone, the current Raw Women’s champ won the Royal Rumble, then won both the Raw and SmackDown titles by pinning Ronda Rousey to win main event of WrestleMania 35 - the first ‘Mania main-evented by women. She’s on the cover of video games and cereal boxes, was one of the first picks in the recent brand split draft, has been in ESPN commercials, and on and on.

So if you want to debate the rest of the PWI’s ranking, go ahead. The Man thinks we should. But not #1...

You can get the full list with the magazine, which you can order here. The top ten is...

1. Becky Lynch
2. Charlotte Flair
3. Ronda Rousey
4. Shayna Baszler
5. Tessa Blanchard
6. Bayley
7. Natalya
8. Io Shirai
9. Mercedes Martinez
10. Nicole Savoy

Last year, Rousey was #1. Lynch was 11th.

Let the debate begin!

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