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More Fury punches and a Fiend attack after Raw went off the air

The Oct. 7 edition of Raw ended with a pull apart brawl between heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury and The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman, as we’re supposedly headed to a match between the two in Saudi Arabia on Oct. 31.

And the action didn’t stop when the show ended, although Braun didn’t do much but back out of the arena. Fury threw some punches for the crowd to a mixed reaction, then Cesaro - one of the men who was “calming him down” - got a couple of forearms to the face for his efforts. The Swiss Cyborg sold them like a champ, and the British fighter exited:

That was a lead-in to a dark match between Miz & Cesaro, which didn’t end because the lights went out and The Fiend attacked Cesaro with a Mandible Claw before disappearing.

This was the only sighting of Bray Wyatt or Seth Rollins on the Hell in a Cell fallout show. Rollins is supposedly healthy, and was spotted in Bakersfield, so he was presumably held out to avoid more backlash from Sunday’s main event.

Wyatt was not medically cleared, but Dave Meltzer said on the post-Raw Wrestling Observer Radio that “it’s not serious”. Even a one-sided spot like what he did to Cesaro is evidence of that.

It also makes it seem like WWE is a little more confident fans still want to see Bray’s act and that they’re not worried he’ll be blamed for the controversial ending of the Oct. 6 PPV. The crowd sounded pretty excited to see him in those clips, so based on this small sample, they may be right.

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