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Bray Wyatt has a very Fun House reaction to the Hell in a Cell ballyhoo

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Why am I pretty confident in saying I think Bray Wyatt and his Fiend/Firefly Fun House gimmick will survive the backlash against his main event match with Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell on Sun., Oct. 6?

Because of stuff like this, his first and only public comment since the show ended in Sacramento last night...

While we don’t know for sure this GIF of Matt Martian of Odd Future/The Internet fame is in response to the uproar about the Hell in a Cell match and non-finish, we know Wyatt keeps tabs on what wrestling fans are saying online, and this does come up when you search for “oops GIF”. So it seems like the kind of thing Bray’s children’s show host character would use in this situation. All that’s missing is this sound effect...

Universal champion Seth Rollins has not reacted.

Find out how the whole gang deals with this kerfuffle on Raw! We’ll let you into our live blog, Fireflys.