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Everyone from AEW to X-rated websites are roasting WWE for Hell in a Cell’s finish

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The reactions to the main event of Hell in a Cell last night (Sun., Oct. 6) are coming from everywhere. Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was dumbfounded on Watch Along:

And a guy who knows a thing or two about WWE booking lackluster main event Cell matches offered advice:

It’s not surprising that some prominent players at All Elite Wrestling would comment/capitalize on the uproar. AEW may (sometimes) say they’re not in a war, but they’ve never been above taking a few shots.

Note the time stamp on Matt Jackson’s tweet:

And while this is the only comment from Chris Jericho, AEW’s World champeon did a lot of retweeting of fan complaints and WWE Network subscription cancellation screenshots:

But when even porn sites have jokes?