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The Goldberg/Matt Riddle confrontation was as great as advertised

You’ll likely remember how NXT’s Matt Riddle was one of the loudest critics of the Goldberg/Undertaker match at WWE’s June Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia. It was actually just the return of Riddle trashing Goldberg’s in-ring abilities, but as they’re now working for the same company, it got a lot more attention.

It also led to a moment backstage at Scotiabank Arena during SummerSlam in August. Riddle was on-hand for the Watch Along show, having just worked TakeOver: Toronto the night before. Goldberg was there for his “redemption” match against Dolph Ziggler. Riddle recounted the scene on WWE Network that night, and we heard cameras were rolling on it.

That footage finally aired a Goldberg-centric edition of Chronicle which aired after Oct. 6’s Hell in a Cell. And it went down almost exactly as The King of Bros reported:

Goldberg: Didn’t mean to run into you like that.

Riddle: Whoa... no problem, bro. How are you?

Goldberg: We gotta talk!

Riddle: Anytime.

Goldberg: After this $#!+ happens, anytime.

Riddle: Alright, I’m in the building. I’ll talk to you later.

Goldberg: You got it.

Riddle: I’ll be watching the match. I’ll see you in a little, bro.

Goldberg: That you will, bro. Good thing you’re wearing your shoes.

Riddle: I don’t need shoes, bro.

Goldberg: You’re right, bro. First of all I’m not your bro.

Riddle: Okay.

Goldberg: Could have been, long time ago. You put a stop to that.

Riddle: Eh. Okay. Hey, s’just an opinion, if you don’t like it, that’s fine.

Goldberg: You got it.

Riddle: Yeah, that’s it.

Goldberg: Awesome.

Riddle: Good.

Goldberg: Nice to meet you.

Riddle: Pleasure’s all mine, bro.

Goldberg: I ain’t your bro.

Riddle: I hear ya. I hear ya..

And they say heavy marijuana use impairs short-term memory.

A second meeting reportedly did happen later in the night, with sources telling Fightful and others that Riddle and Goldberg “agreed to disagree”. Since then, Matt’s continued to provide his unfiltered opinion on the Hall of Famer (and everything else) and Bill’s acted like he doesn’t know who Riddle is since he’s not on the main roster.

Presumably, they are still not bros.

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