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That was awful, and bad, and dumb, and WWE should be ashamed


Hell in a Cell started so well.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks had a fantastic match, by any standards, but especially by the standards of modern day Hell in a Cell matches. Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan defeated Erick Rowan & Luke Harper to get their revenge was much better than it had any business being. Reigns and Bryan hugged it out after. It was great.

It was fun!

The show did a nosedive not long after, ending with the spectacular crash and burn that was the main event, which saw a Hell in a Cell match end in a disqualification or, if not that, a no contest because the referees stopped it. They stopped it, mind you, to protect Bray Wyatt.


Bray Wyatt, the big bad scary monster who has been terrorizing everyone for weeks, who had his opponent in this very match, Universal Champion Seth Rollins, pissing down his leg for the past couple weeks, had to be saved by a referee because he was getting the absolute shit beaten out of him by that same scared guy.

There were questions regarding just how different Wyatt would look in this match, and how he would be presented as “The Fiend.” That was answered right away when they simply left up some red lighting all throughout his appearance -- hugely annoying as it was -- and had him do a lot of no selling. That was, of course, until he was so hurt he was saved by the referee.

The idea seemed to be that Rollins had to become something like the monster he was fighting in order to win, which is fine if that’s the narrative, but that’s not the story they were telling and it’s inconsistent with what they were presenting. At some point, fans simply see what is presented to them.

What was presented to them was the big bad scary guy doing literally nothing big, nothing bad, and certainly nothing scary. He was just a guy who got his ass kicked by another guy. That’s it!

Just as bad was the post-match angle, the lame attempt WWE typically makes to act like what just happened didn’t really happen. Rollins is still champion this way but Wyatt, who was so destroyed he needed saving, miraculously recovered and ended the show standing tall.

I guess we’re supposed to think he’s still the big, bad, scary monster.

He is not.

He’s just another guy who needed saving.

The fans in the arena booed this all throughout, and they were right to do so. This was awful, and bad, and dumb, and WWE should be ashamed.

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