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WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 results: The Fiend wins by DQ, Seth Rollins keeps his title

Earlier in the Sun., Oct. 6 Hell in a Cell broadcast on WWE Network, Universal champion Seth Rollins delivered a fiery promo vowing to “burn it down” in his Hell in a Cell match against Bray Wyatt’s alter ego, The Fiend. But then The Beastslayer expressed some doubt in his own ability to do so, closing with “At least, I hope so”.

When The Fiend showed up on the ramp for the main event at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento with his severed head lantern, it was easy to understand Seth’s second guessing of his ability to retain his title.

And that was before we found out the entire match would be worked under Fiend-specific red lights.

Rollins went for kendo sticks as soon as the bell rang. But Wyatt no sold those shots, and set to inflicting punishment to the champ all around the ring. Seth kept fighting, but after a Sister Abigail into the cage, The Fiend was ready to put him through a table. The champ was able to turn the tables and frog splash his opponent through the table.

But The Fiend sat up from that, and was similarly unphased by a Stomp.

But Rollins wouldn’t stay down after taking a Sister Abigail, but he was left twitching after a “neck snap”. That forced The Fiend to retrieve the oversized Harley Quinn hammer from Firefly Fun House which was under the ring.

Seth took that in the gut, but fought back again to deliver a series of knees to the head, Stomps (including one onto the mallet) and even a Pedigree... but Wyatt kicked out at one! The same thing happened after increased attacks with a chair, and a ladder, and all the way up to stacking metal on The Fiend’s head, smashing it with a toolbox...

When Rollins retrieved Triple H’s sledgehammer, the referee tried to stop him, imploring him to not do this. But then he did, and we got a disqualification finish*. In Hell in a Cell.

* It might have been a TKO, or other referee stoppage, but usually when someone ignores the official’s instructions, they get DQ-ed, right? And none of those endings should happen in Hell in a Cell. No matter - it wasn’t clearly communicated during the show.

When officials checked on Wyatt, he finally sat up. The cage was up, and Seth got the Mandible Claw. Then he got a Sister Abigail on the floor. Then another after the concrete was exposed. Then a Mandible Claw with the horror music playing.

Everything went black as the fans booed, and we saw The Fiend lit with strobe lights and laughing to end the show.


The idea, I think, was that The Fiend only played possum to get Seth to break his moral code. But that’s a story which probably shouldn’t be told in Hell in a Cell - at least not at first. And it’s also not the story they were telling leading up to the match, which was about Rollins being afraid and doubting himself, not questioning how far he’d go to win.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but the crowd in California seemed to agree.

Let us know what you think below, and get complete Hell in a Cell results and coverage of every match on the card by clicking here.

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