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WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 results: Heel Kabuki Warriors mist their way to Women’s Tag gold

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It was a late addition to the pay-per-view (PPV) card, but the Women’s Tag Team title match at Hell in a Cell didn’t waste any time getting going on Sun., Oct. 6 in Sacramento.

Challengers Kabuki Warriors were the aggressors, and Kairi Sane & Asuka were basically working heel. Sane offered her hand to Nikki Cross, but followed the handshake with a shove. Kairi’s partner showed flashes of arrogance we haven’t seen since her title reign, and maybe since her undefeated streak.

The champs weren’t going to go quietly, and both Cross & Alexa Bliss got in some offense before Little Miss Bliss played face in peril. An interesting moment came when The Pirate Princess poked Nikki in the eyes before hitting her Sliding D elbow on Alexa...

...but it backfired when an angry Cross distracted the referee while Sane pinned Bliss.

Once Nikki got the tag, she cleaned house before Kairi put her down. She went for the InSane Elbow too early, though, and Cross got her knees up.

The Empress of Tomorrow broke things up though, and dragged her partner to the corner for a tag.

It was another spot in the corner that set-up the finish. Sane pulled Bliss away from a tag, so Alexa took her out with a dive. That left Cross alone and the ref distracted again, though. And it was then Asuka broke out an old Japanese wrestling tradition...

An easy pin followed on Nikki - she was blinded by poisonous mist, after all - and Kabuki Warriors are now the fourth team to hold the Women’s Tag titles.

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