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Bray Wyatt appearing on Good Day Sacramento is as awkward as it sounds

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Yowie Wowie indeed.

Bray Wyatt was born to interact with morning TV hosts who have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Today (Oct. 3) while attempting to promote his Universal title match versus Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell, Wyatt struck morning talk show gold.

Good Day Sacramento was in fact not ready to let Wyatt in.

Host: You didn’t bring your friends with you?

Wyatt: You didn’t send them an invite. They were really upset with you.

Host: My bad, may bad.

Wyatt: Yes * stares off into the distance *

Host: So Hell in a Cell is coming up. If people aren’t familiar with that, what is it?

Wyatt: It’s this big, horrible structure we do combat in. * laughs *

Host: * laughs uncomfortably *

It should also be noted that Bray Wyatt blinks maybe once during this entire four minute interview.

Is Wyatt becoming a mainstream superstar right before our eyes?