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A title name change is another sign WWE is all in on the Wednesday Night War

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Maybe an overlooked aspect of the Wednesday Night War is exactly how much WWE has reinvested in NXT.

Given NXT’s head start on USA, three title matches booked opposite AEW’s debut episode, a commercial free opening match, endless promotion across the WWE Network plus Raw and SmackDown, the promotion was putting their best foot forward.

One battle does not make for a war, so it looks like Triple H’s brand is now adding even more resources to their arsenal. Last night on NXT, the promotion announced two matches for next Wednesday’s episode. First NXT UK champion WALTER will take on Kushida in a one-on-one grudge match.

Next up, Drew Gulak will put his NXT Cruiserweight championship on line versus Lio Rush.

Wait, the NXT Cruiserweight title? What in the name of 205 Live is going on here?

A story on the match further confirmed that the cruiserweight division is coming to NXT.

“Lio Rush will face one of his first major tests since returning to action when he challenges NXT Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak next week on WWE NXT.”

Over on’s champions profile pages, Gulak’s title has also been renamed. Same goes for Cruiserweight title page, as it has now been changed to a history of the NXT cruiserweight championship section.

With 205 Live moving over to Friday nights on the WWE Network this week, it makes sense WWE decided to rename the title and place it on NXT on USA. Moving the cruiserweight title to Wednesday nights brings a total of five championships for the NXT roster to chase after.

Does the cruiserweight title moving to NXT spell the end for 205 Live?