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The Rock wishing this 100-year-old fan a happy birthday is the best

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Grandmas are the best.

A couple of days before his appearance this Friday on SmackDown, The Rock is out here getting in touch with the very important centenarian demographic. Despite having one of the busiest schedules in all of Hollywood, The Rock took time out of his day to surprise super-fan Marie Grover on her 100th birthday.

Thanks to the power of social media, one of The Rock’s millions (......and millions) of fans got a hold of The Great One with a special request on behalf of Grandmom Grover.

This may be the best video of The People’s Champions singing to a 100-year-old grandma you will see all day.

“I am sending you so much love and a huge congratulations on 100 years. What a wonderful life. Now you can eat cake. You can get drunk. Have a great time.”

Happy Birthday Grandmom Grover!