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NXT books David vs. Goliath and another title match for week two of the Wednesday Night War

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NXT has a few things going for it in their weekly head-to-head showdown with AEW. The WWE name, of course, and the ability to promote the show on established brands like Raw and SmackDown. Aside from that though, the biggest advantage might be the depth of their roster.

Triple H & team can run through weeks of indie dream matches and months of feuds before having to repeat themselvees. The first two bouts announced for Oct. 9 reinforce that point.

We’d heard 205 Live and the cruiserweight division would be coming “under the NXT umbrella”, and we got a sense of what that meant when Lio Rush beat Oney Lorcan for a Cruiserweight title shot on the first live NXT two weeks ago. Next week, Rush gets his chance to take the purple belt from Drew Gulak:

WWE NXT’s Twitter

The other match features someone who already won a feud with Gulak. Kushida’s been standing up to Imperium since NXT went live. And after the big Austrian leader of the faction kicked him in the face to close the Sept. 25 episode, it was only a matter of time before we got a showdown most of us didn’t even know how badly we needed... Kushida vs. WALTER happens next Wednesday:

Interesting to note that three of the wrestlers in these matches weren’t even NXT regulars before the switch to live happened last month. Not sure where that leaves 205 Live and NXT UK - the regular, WWE Network-exclusive homes of WALTER and Gulak. But when Hunter calls for reinforcements at the front...

See you next Wednesday!