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Shorty G is ‘a message about overcoming whatever people believe are your shortcomings’

Chad Gable officially became “Shorty G” last week when he cut a promo that was designed to be inspirational. The idea is that, well, he’s short, so he’s this underdog babyface who can hang with the best of them, even those much taller.

Here’s how he described it to SI:

“The key is to take advantage when given the opportunity. Right before I went out last week to do the Shorty G promo, Bruce Prichard told me to make it my own and feel it. That promo, I felt it very deeply. The height thing is a message about overcoming whatever people believe are your shortcomings. Everybody can identify with that. That’s an area Chad Gable, up to this point, had been missing. Now you know what he stands for and what he means. Last Friday was the very first step in that process, and it’s only going to get bigger.”

That’s all well and good, I suppose, but Chad Gable is 5’8’’. The average male is 5’9’’. In WWE it’s a “shortcoming” to be of average height.

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