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Garagano scanned for Bálor-induced brain injury

Considering the way WWE has been issuing an injury report after every episode of NXT, and the buzz generated by Finn Bálor’s heel turn, even if you missed the ambulance footage they shot at Full Sail on Oct. 23, you probably figured the recipient of the Irishman’s attack was going to be the star of this week’s video.

Sure enough, Johnny Gargano’s status is Matt Camp’s lead. The NXT Triple Crown champ was “taken directly to the ER for a CT scan to rule out potential head trauma and spinal injuries”. As we’ve gotten used to with these largely kayfabe reports, even though that test was supposedly done almost 24 hours before the video came out, the results of that scan are not shared with us. Johnny is simply “not medically cleared”.

With a newsworthy item like that on top, the list is short this week. The only other issue is to Cameron Grimes, and somehow wasn’t caused by being banged (or is it bopped?) in the face by Tyler Bate. My other big takeaway is that Bloody Sunday is called 1916 in WWE. Hey, Finn hasn’t used it much lately... I needed the reminder!

Here’s this week’s video, and a list of what’s covered:

  • Johnny Gargano (not medically cleared) - undisclosed injuries

  • Cameron Grimes (day-to-day) - left hip pointer

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