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Roderick Strong is better back-up than Wale

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The Fight Forever chant is overdone, but maybe Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish and Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins really should fight forever?

Street Profits and Undisputed ERA turned in another great match during the main event of the Oct. 2 episode NXT on USA Network. And things started with a big fight AND party feel as Wale brought the challengers to the ring. Just try to not put your solo cup in the air and chant “WE WANT THE SMOKE”...

Not that Kool Kyle’s air guitar should be given short shrift...

Once we got the introductions and the action started, things were considerably more serious. The Profits controlled the early action, but O’Reilly & Fish were eventually able to isolate Ford in their corner to work him over for the middle portion of the match. That meant a lot of nifty double teams from the heels:

He, of course, eventually slipped free, and that meant a hot tag for The Curse of Greatness:

Things went back-and-forth for a while, but it looked like the Profits were set-up to become two-time champs when Tez wiped out the field with this beauty...

But when they looked to end things with their electic chair/top-rope blockbuster combo, Undisputed ERA’s Roderick Strong made an appearance. He stopped Ford from executing his half of the move. Dawkins speared him off the apron, but that left Tez alone for a high/low.

That damn numbers game kept Adam Cole’s prophecy alive.

But Cole’s got more problems to worry about. More on those in our live blog here.