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WWE NXT live streaming pre-show for Oct. 2, 2019

WWE NXT goes live - and head-to-head with AEW Dynamite - on USA Network tonight (Weds., Oct. 2, 2019) at 8 pm ET from Full Sail Live in Winter Park, Florida. Because it’s such a big night, the promotion is also offering a free live stream of its pre-show starting a half-hour beforehand, and you can watch it right here!

A panel consisting of Sam Roberts, Pat McAfee and Charly Caruso will break down all the action for a TakeOver-like card, and analyze what comes next for NXT before the special event goes live. There will also be backstage interviews, and we’ll get the usual highlight packages to get you up to speed on all the feuds and angles heading into one of the biggest nights in recent wrestling history..

The show starts at 7:30 pm ET, so remember to come back and join us here for the live stream you see above!

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