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King Corbin’s reaction to the Lashley/Lana kiss almost makes the whole thing worthwhile

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As expected, WWE is milking the response to Bobby Lashley & Lana’s make out session from the end of the Sept. 30 Raw for all they can. That includes releasing a reaction video of something we only got a glimpse of before... what the other two performers on the stage, King Corbin & Randy Orton, were doing as Lashley and Rusev’s wife groped each other.

Long distance shots were going around on social media Monday night, but WWE’s camera had the close-up, along with a lot of shots of fans at Phoenix’s Talking Stick Resort Arena:

Randy doubling over in knee-slapping laughter is pretty great, but it’s Corbin’s dead stare and slow smirk that really represents how I think a lot of us felt watching the scene:

Gotta go with the king on this one.