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The next generation of McMahons has begun their wrestling training

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Look, it’s the family business, right?

Former WWF Women’s champ, and current WWE Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon has been making the “Premiere Week” rounds like most of the company’s big names. That included a visit to FS1’s First Things First - embedded above. And when Cris Carter asked her if she’d encourage her three daughters to pursue a wrestling career, McMahon revealed...

“My oldest daughter has already started training. And I would encourage them to follow their passion, you know, whatever they believe in, as long as they work hard at it. I believe in a strong work ethic and I believe they can do anything in the world they wanna do, but they’re gonna have to believe in themselves and work hard.”

That would be 13 year old Aurora Rose Levesque (Steph and husband Triple H’s younger children are Murphy Claire, age 11, and Vaughn Evelyn, 9). So it’s several years away from her NXT debut. But considering her pedigree (pun totally intended) and the amount of work she’ll have put in by the time she is old enough to join a roster, she’ll likely quickly be a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, not everything you’re into in your early teens turns into a vocation. So don’t start booking her feud with Simone Johnson (The Rock’s daughter, who also spends some time at the WWE Performance Center) just yet.

Just don’t go thinking you’ll ever be done with McMahons. Vince has six grandkids, after all.