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What is WWE’s The Bump? Find out here!

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For about a week now, WWE’s been teasing the debut of a new show. Social media accounts for The Bump popped up, running audition tapes of announcers and interviewers like Kayla Braxton, Evan Mack, Ryan Pappolla, McKenzie Mitchell, Matt Camp and Dan Vollmayer. A Seth Rollins promo popped up yesterday, with the gimmick being that even he didn’t know what the show was.

So what is it? Well, you can watch and find out yourself right here.

From peeping the first few minutes, it’s a weekly streaming series which looks like a cross between something you’d see on MTV and one of those morning radio shows that films as they broadcast. Braxton hosts, sitting with Mack, Vollmayer & Camp around a coffee table in a room filled with merch and collectibles. Pappolla is off to the side at a keyboard, surrounded by a few fans. The hook is they’re all just fans, here to hang out and talk wrestling.

Give it a look if you need more wrestling #content in your lives. And let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

The Bump comes your way every Wednesday at 10AM eastern on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and WWE Network.