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WWE NXT results, live blog (Oct. 2, 2019): Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, now airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: three title fights, including Matt Riddle challenging Adam Cole for the NXT championship, Candice LeRae vs. Women’s champ Shayna Baszler, and Street Profits trying to win the tag belts back from Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish of Undisputed ERA. Plus Johnny Gargano vs. Shane Thorne, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


After a slick intro which touts the show as “the most exclusive brand of combat in the entire world,” Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness & Beth Phoenix welcome us to Full Sail Live. The NXT title match entrances start, and we’re told there will be no commercials during this match. The champ is here by himself...

Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole for the NXT championship

All Riddle from the start, who takes down the champ at the bell and immediately goes for submissions. Cole only survives the first one thanks to reaching the bottom rope. Cole rolls out, and when Riddle goes to retrieve him, the champ hits him in the head with a kick that brings him to the floor. A whip into the steel stairs puts the Panama City Playboy in complete control.

Ushigoroshi gets two for Cole, and Mauro’s making Game of Thrones and pumpkin spice references, so everyone is in top form. The Bro hulks up after Cole talks some trash after a forearm, and gets the better of the striking exchange that follows. Running forearm in the corner, then a nifty series of counter after he misses a PK ends when Riddle hits a high knee. Nearfall off a deadlift, bridging suplex. Riddle gets Cole up into a fireman’s carry, but the champ slips free and somehow turns it into a backstabber that gets two.

Another striking exchange ends when Cole stomps on Riddle’s bare foot, and they start throwing big moves at one another. Riddle throws the champ with a release suplex where he lands on his head, but Cole pops right back up for another ushigoroshi that gets two. The crowd is loving it. They end up on the apron, and Cole manages to bicycle kick Riddle to the floor. He takes too long following up however, and the Bro puts him down and climbs up top. Bro-ton from there, but Cole gets the knees up, and heads to the other corner. Panama Sunrise! One-two-NO!

Cole pulls down the knee pad and lines up for Last Shot, but Riddle falls out of the way. He decides to go for another Panama Sunrise, but the Bro is wise to it, turning it into a powerbomb. High knee. Bro 2 Sleep! Floating Bro from the top connects (mostly), but Cole kicks out! Riddle climbs again, but Cole catches up to him.

Panama Sunrise connects again, but Cole goes for the Last Shot, and Riddle’s play possum! He grabs the Bro-mission. Cole rolls that into a cover and forces the release. Multiple armbar attempts, but the champ survives. On a break, he clocks Riddle with the cast on his broken arm, Last Shot connects this time, and the Panama City Playboy survives.

Adam Cole def. Matt Riddle via pinfall to retain the NXT championship

Cole just starts to smile when Finn Balor’s music hits. He’s here, with a sexy looking haircut. He soaks up the crowd freaking out, then grabs a mic to tell a shellshocked Cole that as of now, Finn Balor is NXT!

Hype package for the Women’s title match. The champ Shayna Baszler talks about her reign of dominance, while challenger Candice LeRae says she hasn’t had the best luck against the Queen of Spades, but she hasn’t been herself. She’s gonna show the world who she is tonight.

We see those two getting warmed up, and hear the former North American champ’s music. Velveteen Dream is on his couch with an entourage of attractive ladies. He asks if we feel it, and says what we’re feeling is the Velveteen Dream experience. He walks into the spotlight and says that feeling is the climax of life. Which is why Roderick Strong and his Undisputed ERA boys wanted to take it. But the Dream has never had a problem taking on more than one man at a time. But he’s issuing a challenge to Rod right now, unless he’s afraid to step out of Undisputed’s shadow and meet him. When he looks Velveteen in the eyes, the next thing Strong will know is DREAM OVER.

Next week, Lio Rush gets his cruiserweight title shot, facing Drew Gulak right here on USA.

Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim

Mia offers the code of honor, but Io shoves her away and goes for a drop kick, but Yim sidesteps. That allows her to get in some offense, and target the Genius of the Sky’s leg. Shirai rolls out to get her breath, but Mia hits her with a baseball slide. She chops her while they’re on the floor, but when the referee implores her to get the action back in the ring, Io slides around and kicks her in the face. The Mad Queen takes control as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Io’s still in the driver’s seats when we return, but getting frustrated that she hadn’t finished things off. That doesn’t stop her from taunting while slapping Mia in the mount, or a lackadaisical cover. She misses on a running knee strike, then gets flipped by Yim while they run the ropes as Mia gets back into it. The HBIC with punches and a lariat, followed by a couple dropkicks that net a nearfall. Big kicks, but Io counters with a reverse rana for two. She hits the 6 - 1 - 9 and follows up with a springboard missile dropkick for another nearfall. Her follow-up is countered by Yim with a Code Blue, but Shirai rolls out. Mia follows with a tope, and we’re back to the commercial in the big box with the action in a little one.

It’s the babyface’s turn to control the action during the break, but Io starts to fight back, headbutting Yim off the top and stomping her back on the floor. Mia jaw-jacks Shirai and climbs just as we come to full screen. Io catches up and lands a superplex that leaves booth women stunned. Shirai covers for two, and is the first up, but Yim grabs a foot to stop her from climbing. A kick to the head and she gets free for the moonsault.

Io Shirai def. Mia Yim via pinfall

The Outsiders are here! Kevin Nash & Scott Hall are shown in the crowd, and then we see the Street Profits show up - with Bianca Belair is on Montez Ford’s arm.

Tegan Nox gets a video package, detailing her injury history and drive to make the most of her latest comeback.

Johnny Gargano vs. Shane Thorne

Thorne gets the better of an opening scramble, but shirks a kick and Johnny wags a finger at him. Another exchange ends with Shane in a Garga-No Escape, but he gets the ropes. When the ref stands them up, he hits a back elbow to take control, and we’re back to PiP commercials while he works the heat.

That’s where things stand when we return. The Aussie connects with a big European uppercut, but Johnny gets the better of things with a comeback punctuated with clotheslines, the final one which sends Thorne to the floor. He tries to follow that up with a dive, but it met with another European. He shakes it off to hit the dive, and the slingshot spear for two. He tries for the popover DDT, but Thorne catches him. Cannonball in the corner, followed by a powerbomb for two. Shane works Johnny over with kicks to the chest and back. He lines up for one to the head, but Gargano evades and comes back, turning Thorne inside out with a clothesline. Poison rana, Johnny’s half of Meet in the Middle, and that’s it.

Johnny Gargano def. Shane Thorne via pinfall

After some hype for SmackDown Friday, it’s time for the Women’s title match.

Shayna Baszler vs. Candice LeRae

Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir escort the champ to the ring. The champ with an early takedown, but Candice fires back with an enziguri. She knocks Baszler down on the floor as we hit a commercial screen split. Lots of action during the break this time, with Shayna taking control. When we return, Baszler puts LeRae shoulder first into the steel steps, and follows up by kicking the arm into the steps.

Candice stays alive like a good underdog, and when the action goes to the apron, they tease a suplex into the barricade before LeRae drops Shayna on the apron. She hits a trip of dives that drive the champ into the barricade. Back in, they set up in the corner and Baszler slips off the middle rope, then recovers to hit a gutwrench superplex. She tries to follow-up with another, but gets inside cradled for two. LeRae misses on a DDT attempt, and a gourdbuster from the champ sends us to another commercial PiP.

Baszler gets the best of striking exchange during the split screen, and taunts Candice. Mrs. Wrestling slaps the champ as we return, and suplexes her out of an Irish whip. The champ goes for the Kirifuda Clutch, but LeRae switches immediately. Shayna knows how to get out through, and drags Candice to the corner for a hanging version of the submission. They both set up on the top, and LeRae hits a swinging neckbreaker from there. One - Two - No!

Unprettier attempt countered into a Kirifuda Clutch, by LeRae rolls her up to get a release. She then hits the move and goes for the springboard moonsault, but misses and gets grabbed with the submission. She fights for a long while, but eventually taps.

Shayna Baszler def. Candice LeRae via submission to retain the NXT Women’s title

We see Mark Henry, Stephanie McMahon and Madusa in the crowd as Shayna celebrates.

After a recap of Kushida’s issues with Imperium, we learn he’s facing WALTER next week.

Pete Dunne vs. Danny Burch

Lock up as we get a nice taste of catch wrestling here. Burch just misses with a haymaker. Dunne connects with a shot to take us to the split screen. The Guvner takes charge on the small screen, and is dropping the knee on a prone Bruiserweight when we return. Pete’s up for a striking exchange, and flips in the corner off a whip to hit an enziguri, and end a sequence by stomping Burch’s fingers. A huge running powerbomb gets two for Dunne.

Danny back in it with a headbutt to the back of Dunne’s head, then builds up to a rope-hung DDT for a nearfall. A win in a striking exchange gives the former UK champ an opening to snap the fingers. He hits the Bitter End a moment later.

Pete Dunne def. Danny Burch by pinfall

The lights go out as Dunne celebrates, and he’s clipped from behind by Damien Priest. The Archer of Infamy hits a swinging DDT and pats the Bruiserweight’s cheek to set up a feud.

Cathy Kelley is interviewing Adam Cole. He says he beat Matt Riddle with the Last Shot, not his doctor-mandated cast. The ERA barges in, worried about Finn Balor. But the NXT champ tells them not to worry about that, and to stay focused on keeping the prophecy intact when they defend the Tag Titles.

We get a video package showing the history between the two teams in the main event.

Undisputed ERA (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs. Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

Wale raps the challengers to the ring, and there’s some celebrating in the crowd. KOR air guitars the champs in, and they come alone (at least at first).

O’Reilly and Dawkins start, but it’s not long before tags are made. Fish bails as we go to commercial, and a striking exchange breaks out when he returns to the ring in the small screen. More tags as neither team really takes control, but a blind tag and a tandem maneuver allows Tez to get a cover on Fish. The Profits keep him in their corner for the remainder of the break.

Ford drop kicks both members of the ERA as soon as we’re back, but Bobby backs him into Undisputed’s corner and they control the action there. Many nearfalls, including one for Tez on a backslide counter, but we mostly see TUE work over Ford for a couple minutes. Fish with a hat trick of snap suplexes for a two count, and stereo kicks lead to a cover by O’Reilly as we go back to commercial. More of the same there.

Rock Bottom finally gives Ford the opportunity to get the tag, but Fish takes Dawkins off the apron by the ankles to prevent a tag. Undisputed’s efforts focus on Montez’s right arm, and includes O’Reilly providing torque and leverage on a stretch of the arm. When the ref catches them, it gives Ford a chance to evade their attacks and fly for a tag. The Curse of Greatness cleans house on the hot tag, including shoulder tackling an airborne KOR into Fish, and spearing Fish when KOR leapfrogs him. It leads to a close two count on Kyle.

O’Reilly answers a charge with a high knee, and stops a “We want the smoke” chant. Fish chop blocks Angelo from the floor, and Kyle flies, dropping his knee on Dawkins’ from the top rope. KOR grabs a leg bar, and Fish keeps them from the ropes while adding leverage to the hold. Ford tries to break it up and gets locked in a choke by Fish, but he manages to fall on the other two wrestlers to break the knee bar.

Things break down and the champs collide, creating an opening for Tez to frog splash Fish from the top. Dawkins lifts him for an electric chair spot, but KOR chop blocks the bad knee. The action spills to the floor, and Ford ends up flying over the top onto the three of them. Back in they look to end things, and here comes Roddy. He breaks things up from the top, and his teammates go high/low to retain.

Undisputed ERA def. Street Profits via pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team championship

Adam Cole comes out to celebrate with his boys, and NO ONE WILL SURVIVE. CIAMPA IS HERE. He slowly strolls onto the stage and eyeballs Goldy while Cole looks nervous.