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Seth Rollins is getting in Twitter debates about the Hell in a Cell finish

If this isn’t part of a meta-heel turn for WWE’s Universal champion, I have some serious doubts about whether or not the company understands what their core fan base wants.

Okay, I have those doubts anyway when it comes to the main roster.

But that someone hasn’t counseled Seth Rollins to ignore social media criticism - or at least leave critical tweets on read - is really mind-boggling.

But here was the Beastslayer, engaging with folks making jokes about his feud with Bray Wyatt and the controversial non-finish of their Hell in a Cell main event early this morning...

I get it, man. I mean, I don’t get anything approaching the level of feedback you do, but I create content online with a publicly available email & Twitter. I get some unsolicited (and occasionally impossible-to-execute-given-the-limitations-of-human-anatomy) advice. But snarkily responding to it? In my experience, that only makes it worse.

The non-idiots among us realize you didn’t book the match. But those of us who get that and didn’t like it? We’re still gonna complain and joke about it. You don’t have to respond - even when you’re needlessly tagged in the griping and attempts at humor.

And doubling-down on WWE’s not-entirely-logical explanation and/or “well, actually”-ing folks might feel good in the moment. But it isn’t going to change anyone’s mind.

Just some more unsolicited advice. No response necessary.

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