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Mike Kanellis asks for his release from WWE

Via Twitter, of course:

It’s no surprise that he asked for his release, considering how he’s been treated by the company since debuting all the way back in June 2017. After an initial “power of love” storyline, he and his wife, Maria, were quickly forgotten about and mostly kept off television. Then he was sent to 205 Live and it wasn’t long before reports came out the couple asked for their release.

It wasn’t given, of course, and instead they signed new deals back in June. However, Mike has been booked as bad or worse than any wrestler in recent memory, literally treated like actual human garbage on television for months. As you can tell, it’s made him miserable.

As of this writing, the only tweet that remains on his account is the above request for his release.

It’s unclear just yet if WWE will let him walk. With AEW making waves on TNT, the company hasn’t been keen on letting anyone walk — Luke Harper asked for his release months ago and never received it. We’ll see if Kanellis has better luck.

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