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Hardy drama is all too familiar for families who’ve dealt with addiction

Matt Hardy’s Twitter

Over the weekend, Jeff Hardy’s wife Beth went on social media and more or less called out Matt Hardy for commenting on Jeff’s most recent DWI arrest. The essence of Beth’s tweet was that the elder Hardy’s public expression of concern for his brother was done selfishly, to paint himself in a positive light. Matt’s wife Reby responded to her sister-in-law, defending her husband’s right to talk about his brother, and accusing Beth of enabling Jeff.

Later, Matt would again comment, retweeting a response to someone in Reby’s thread:

Addiction is sometimes called a family disease, because the behavior of someone who can’t stop drinking or using affects everyone they come into contact with. These types of arguments between those who care about the alcoholic/addict - which usually start about how to help or just handle them, but can end up being purely emotional battles about perceived slights or even trivial details - are all too familiar to people who’ve lived with or loved someone who abuses or is dependent upon mind & mood altering substances.

The difference here is that Matt & Jeff are famous, and the fact a lot of people are interested in their well-being has drawn this out into the public eye in a way it wouldn’t be for most families struggling with addiction.

All we can do is hope for the best and, if you believe they have the ability to help, send supportive thoughts and prayers to the entire Hardy family.

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