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Dominick Mysterio put Brock Lesnar over better than anyone has in years

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Pro wrestling is as much about the person doing the thing as it is the person reacting to the thing being done. To that end, Dominick Mysterio, son of Rey, currently a WWE hopeful, is already showing he’s pretty damn good at this.


I would go as far as to say he put Brock Lesnar over better than anyone else has in years.

The entire scene was written and played beautifully. Lesnar established himself as the big bad bully right from the jump by ripping the microphone from Rey’s hands and turning his back to him. There’s nothing but disrespect there.

Then, after an F-5, he turns and stops only when he notices Dominick in the front row. He stares, the lion considering his prey. He approaches, slow but steady, looming large. I cannot overstate how perfect Dominick’s reaction to Brock’s growing presence was. He slowly sat back down in his seat, the way one should react to the looming threat of an apex predator pouncing at any moment. The camera cuts to show his face and it reveals a mix of concern for his father, who is still hurt in the ring, and pants shitting terror at the uncaged animal who is now just a couple feet away. Lesnar briefly glances the other way, providing a glimmer of hope the beast has lost interest. He has not. With unbelievable speed and fury, impressive in its own right but made that much more so by Dominick’s performance, Lesnar attacks, snatching the poor boy from his seat and throwing him around as if he were a chew toy.

It was perfect.

Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess, but for now it’s worth giving credit to Dominick for an outstanding performance in such a big spot.