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The fallout from Lashley & Lana’s make out session continues

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Love it, hate it, or never watching again because of it... the fourth segment of their careers which featured or teased Lana hooking up with a man other than her husband Rusev has grabbed people’s attention. Just like Paul Heyman & team planned, no doubt.

The clip of Raw’s closing scene from Mon., Sept. 30 is the most watched YouTube video from the episode as of this writing (Tuesday at approximately 4:30PM eastern). “Lashley’s shocking kiss to Lana...” has 1.8 million views, beating “Brock Lesnar brutally attacks Rey Mysterio and his son” by 100K. Nothing else is over one million.

As such, they’ve been milking the moment on social media, too. And we don’t just mean Renee Young’s epic reaction...

Even a past participant in one of these angles is getting in on the action...

Well, we do always say we want them to have storyline continuity...

Now we wait to see when we’re getting a Rusev vs. Lashley match. And who Lana will be scripted to cheat with, or maybe cheat with, or trick into thinking she might cheat with... next.