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Let’s talk about Raw’s new look and sound

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With the season premiere of Raw last night (Mon., Sept. 30), we got our first chance to check out the brand’s new look and sound.

Did it live up to Kevin Dunn’s promise of frikkin’ lasers? Hey - if Jerry Lawler can make references to Mike Myers 90s movie franchises, so can I.

It’s nice to have an open back, even if I’m not blown away by “Legendary”, the new theme from pop metal act Skillet.

Regarding the much requested return of pyro, of course it was a welcome sight. I found myself quickly getting it accustomed to it, and really can’t believe it hasn’t been around these last few years.

The stage will take some getting used to. Whether I appreciated or even noticed it depended on what was displaying on what I imagine are its 90 gajillion individual LEDs. It’s definitely different, and on a show where the content itself didn’t really feel fresh, that was important. And, I’m not the only one wondering what the first “someone gets thrown through or off the set” spots are gonna look like, right?

Then there was the announce team. Word is Paul Heyman wanted a fresh start and... I’m not sure I can declare that a successful effort, at least not yet. It’s not the fault of Lawler, who’s allegedly on the team because Vince McMahon wanted a veteran hand guiding Heyman’s new guys, either. The King often felt like he didn’t fit with Vic Joseph & Dio Maddin, which isn’t surprising since he says he hadn’t met the former NFL player until yesterday. This trio didn’t mesh any worse than most WWE commentary units, though. And that’s the biggest problem. As Alex Briggs said in his review of the entire show - most of the time, they could have been swapped out for three other talking heads who work for the company, and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

What did you think of Raw’s new look and sound, Cagesiders?