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CM Punk talks possible WWE return and Fox rumors

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Is this really happening?

During an appearance on Los Angeles-based radio station KROQ 106.7 FM’s Kevin & Bean Show this morning (Tues., Oct. 1) CM Punk playfully addressed all the rumors and reports about him joining Fox’s WWE studio show and even possibly returning to the ring for Vince McMahon’s company.

Regarding the talk he’s auditioned for a role on WWE Backstage, the FS1 series which will be hosted by Renee Young & Booker T, Punk asked:

“You mean to tell me you’d watch a show where I talk about wrestling?”

And regarding those reports, and the possibility of a wrestling comeback, he said:

“I think people have... it’s taken on a life of its own... If nothing happens, please don’t be mad at me.”

As you can see from our header image, he was in studio. And SmackDown will be in L.A. at the Staples Center Friday. A discussion of his possibly showing up there really got the banter flowing. He joked about not knowing which night the show was happening, and said he’d probably be watching hockey when it does happen. But he did plant the seed for a possible segment on the 20th Anniversary show:

“I enjoy The Rock, I do. And I’m not trying to put this out... gee, hopefully people don’t do this, but do you remember the last time The Rock was in the Staples Center?

Let’s do it again. When is this show, next Friday? Dwayne, call me Friday.“

Punk got in a few digs at his old company. He called an idea that he pick up this hypothetical call from The Rock while standing backstage “100% better than anything on their shows since I left.” In a mock negotiation with his hosts, he told them to role-play as someone other than Stephanie McMahon (also, that companies wanting to hire him should be moving things forward, not him). And while expressing surprise WWE hasn’t give Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” to anyone else as an entrance theme, Punk said, “They got the guy that sits like me, the guy that tries to talk like me...”

Interestingly, he said he doesn’t miss wrestling. But he misses some of the things it let him do:

“I don’t miss wrestling, no. I guess maybe if I missed anything it would be performing, because there very much is a rush to your music hitting and going out, to be able to read a crowd and give them what you think they want, and not necessarily give the crowd what they want because as a performer, you almost have to be objective. ... I always appreciated and enjoyed [telling a story].”

Will we see him telling stories on WWE (or a WWE-focused Fox) television again soon?

He never said “no”...

H/T: Wrestling Inc.