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TLC is coming to Minneapolis

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The fine people of Minnesota have long been clamoring for a WrestleMania. Maybe in 2021. For now, can we interest you in some tables, ladders, and chairs?

Maybe Big Show will come back and you’ll get a stairs match, too!

For now, the Target Center website doesn’t list any matches or even featured Superstars. Considering Hell in a Cell is just days away and we only have three matches booked for it, I’d actually be kind of pissed if they were hyping stuff for Dec. 15 already.

In addition to this Sunday’s pay-per-view (PPV) in Sacramento, there’s also Oct. 31’s Crown Jewel and Nov. 24’s Survivor Series in Rosemont, Illinois before we get to TLC.

Get your tickets next Friday, Minnesotans! Maybe if you sell this out, it’ll increase your chances of landing ‘Mania.