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Mayor Kane on Saudi Arabia, his WWE future and use of pyro & steel chairs at city council meetings

As you might recall, Glenn Jacobs not only had (has?) a legendary career as Kane in WWE, but he’s currently the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. One of the ways the Big Red Mayor is interacting with current and potential constituents is online. Earlie today (Jan. 9), Jacobs did an AMA on reddit.

It was... interesting.

On serious business, Jacobs was asked about why he worked WWE’s Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia last November despite concerns in the international community about the Kingdom’s human rights record and role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi:

It’s a political answer about a political solution. WWE likely wouldn’t have rescinded the donation had Kane followed his former tag partner Daniel Bryan (who also helped Jacobs campaign for office) or John Cena’s lead and backed out of the show, or he could have raised the money another way. But a lot of people went or didn’t go to KSA, and did or didn’t watch/cancel their WWE Network, for Crown Jewel. This is the mayor’s position, and... there you have it.

Sounds like the Nov. 2 show in Riyadh might be his last appearance for WWE for a while, at least as a wrestler. Kane gave that impression with this answer to someone who thought he was still an active member of the roster (he has said he could make “special appearances”):

Then there were the fun ones, some of which he played along with:

Others he bailed on or ignored, especially when they got to the goofier or less PG parts of his kayfabe history:

As a smart ass wrestling fan, I can tell ya... wrestling fans gonna wrestling fan.

There’s a lot more in the thread, from Jacobs’ small government policy objectives to thoughts on our national discourse, why pro wrestling & politics seem to be converging to what character he uses when playing WWE video games.

Check it out here.

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