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Whatcha talkin bout, Rusev & Lana?

Your WWE United States champion has been known to work the marks on the Twitter machine from time-to-time.

Is that what he’s doing here? Teasing some kind of career move when everyone is talking about what talent is signing with what company? Does that mean he’s actually talking to All Elite or someone similar, or just yanking our collective chain?

Or is this an actual announcement about a major life event/the payoff to a Total Divas storyline about the Barnyashevs adding to their family? Could Lana be preggers?

Twitter seems split. Let us know what you think...

Whatcha talkin bout, Rusev?


Now, this is still open-ended enough that we could be talking about something other than a baby. But not even the Days would be that troll-ish... would they?

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