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WWE moved quick after Jericho signed with AEW

Whenever WWE’s website isn’t updated with the latest information, or a tweet goes out that causes some controversy, or an announcement runs for a match that isn’t official yet, people will understandably say, “well, it’s a big company”. The inference is that miscommunications happen in large organizations, sometimes the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, and we shouldn’t read too much into a YouTube video or an online article.

Those things are all true. But it also seems that when WWE wants something changed, no matter how minute - it gets changed.

Case in point, Chris Jericho after he showed up at the All Elite Wrestling rally in Jacksonville yesterday (Jan. 8) to sign with the company and join in the new promotion’s efforts to “Change The Universe”.

Within a couple of hours, Jericho had been moved to the alumni section of

And removed from the “WWE Forever” intro video that airs before every show:

I double-checked the latter on Hulu, and it’s definitely been altered between last Tues. Jan. 1’s SmackDown to the show uploaded after yesterday’s edition aired live. It’s such a quick shot of a List-making Jericho clicking his pen, too. If you didn’t know he was there - after clearer, longer images of Stephanie McMahon and Ronda Rousey, as the scroll of clips is turning to reveal the ‘W’ of the company logo - you’d never notice it.

That that change happened that fast tells me when WWE wants everything updated quickly, it can be.

Maybe when one person is very angry?

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