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Near-cruiserweight John Cena reps 205 Live

With his new trimmed down physique, there have been plenty of jokes about John Cena joining the cruiserweight division. In reality, even if his 0.1% body fat got him under 205 pounds, his hair would probably make him miss weight.

The unlikelihood he’ll ever compete on the show doesn’t mean he’s not a big fan of WWE Network’s 205 Live, however. Cena’s a noted fan of the company he works for and invested in the future of its business. Whether that’s watching some NXT stars work live or chatting up the cruiserweights, when he’s around, the 16 time World champ does whatever he thinks is best for The ‘E.

On a recent online video from the cruisers, who’ve been sharing clips from the road with the hashtag #205Life in an attempt to ramp up their online following and hopefully go viral, Cena talked about what appeals to him about the show.

“Ok. You have to remember, I’m a bit of a dinosaur, I’m a little bit long in the tooth, I’m a bit of veteran, I’m a bit seasoned, I’m a bit experienced - so I hope this isn’t taking away cool factor points from 205 Live, but I think it’s incredible.

This is what I like the most about 205 Live. For the longest time it was always thought that you had to be a certain build, or a certain type of personality to make any sort of impact. What I love about 205 Live is, all you guys are given a chance. You’re given a chance to break that stereotype and it’s working. It took a while for you guys [points at camera] to start paying attention, so I want to say shame on you because these guys bust their butts every week. But now you guys have come around, so we’re all cool and once again, I’m like the old guy saying it’s cool, so by me saying it’s cool, does that make it uncool? [Ariya Daivari & Drew Gulak assure him it’s doesn’t make it uncool] So am I still cool? [Gulak says he is] Awesome!

205 Live is excellent because it gives people a chance. People that actually care about sports entertainment. And I talk to these guys a lot when I’m here and I watch all the matches all the time when I’m here and I want it to succeed because I don’t feel this company or sports entertainment at all should be chained to a certain look, to a certain style - it should cater to what you guys want. And the cool thing is, you guys want to see them. And you don’t want to see me...”

Now, that’s not entirely true, John. You’re kind of an indie darling these days. We want to see you. The problem is we can’t.

[Ba dum tish]

Anyway... while I’m not sure I agree with John’s assessment that 205 Live has caught on with the greater WWE Universe, a clip of him plugging it certainly can’t hurt the cause.

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