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Odd Brock Lesnar & Braun Strowman video face-off was really bad

WWE has three weeks to build Braun Strowman into a legitimate threat to Brock Lesnar’s Universal title. This week on Raw, WWE failed to make Strowman into anything or anyone you wanted to see fight Lesnar.

The hyped returns of Lesnar and Strowman fell flat on it’s face also immediately out the gates. Advertised as a face-off between champion and number one contender was scrapped when Lesnar refused to join Strowman in the ring.

Instead, Heyman cut a good but not great promo for his client backstage. In a split screen for viewers, Strowman just stared into the camera while Heyman was speaking. Then Strowman cut a promo of his own and it was more misses than hits.

The Monster Among Men got a long leash on the mic tonight (Jan. 7) and he wasn’t able to do anything with it.

After Strowman called him a coward, Lesnar came out to the ring and just circled it. Nothing happened. He just left and the entire segment felt like a big waste of time for everyone involved.

So this is how WWE is going build the feud for the biggest prize in the company?

How can WWE heat up Braun Strowman before he challenges for the Universal title at the Royal Rumble?

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