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Becky, Charlotte & Carmella building to their #1 contender match - how else? - on Twitter

With automatic championship rematches gone, SmackDown needed a way to figure out who should challenge Women’s champ Asuka at Royal Rumble on Jan. 27. They opted to go with a Triple Threat between the wrestlers the Empress of Tomorrow defeated in a TLC match last month to win the title and the one she couldn’t take the belt from all summer long.

The Triple Threat we’ll see on Tues., Jan. 8 between Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Carmella was set-up with a backstage segment on the New Year’s Day edition of the blue brand, and announced over the weekend. It’s being built to, of course, on social media.

It started with this Sunday declaration from The Man:

Mella and Charlotte followed that template with their own versions:

Perhaps because it’s too easy (she was blonde for most of her WWE career, her dad was a WWF undercard wrestler and maybe cheerleading/dancing isn’t “another sport”, but wrestling wasn’t her first career choice), Carmella has yet to earn a retort from Lynch.

Her old nemesister Flair, though?

See you tomorrow night!

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