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Here’s how WWE will decide who wrestles Asuka for the SmackDown women’s title at Royal Rumble

A couple weeks ago, an episode of Main Event announced that Becky Lynch would be challenging Asuka for the SmackDown women’s championship at Royal Rumble, scheduled for Sun., Jan. 27, 2019, at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. As it turned out, they jumped the gun on that and used Paige and her status as former General Manager to explain it away.

Then on SmackDown Live this past week, Carmella, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair all laid claim to being next in line. Triple H promised they would figure it out, and now they have.

Indeed, WWE has officially announced that a triple threat match will take place on next week’s episode of SmackDown Live and the winner will wrestle Asuka for the title at Royal Rumble.

Easy peasy.

Of course, this could be a way to get Carmella a title match while freeing up Charlotte and Becky for the Rumble match, or a potential showdown with Ronda Rousey. Then again, it could be a way to get Lynch back to the SmackDown title while freeing up Charlotte to win the Rumble and challenge Rousey for the Raw title. There are a lot of different ways they could go with this.

We won’t have to wait much longer to see which direction WWE is planning on going.

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