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Another Hall of Famer reportedly set for Raw (possible spoiler)

This isn’t really surprising.

Ric Flair’s is a name a lot of fans expected to see announced for WWE’s tribute to the late Gene Okerlund on Raw this upcoming Monday (Jan. 7). Many who are unhappy Hulk Hogan was the first name announced in connection to the company honoring the Hall of Fame interviewer even suggested the Nature Boy would be a better alternative.

While I’m not thrilled with Hogan’s return, I think the only person arguably more associated with Mean Gene is no longer with us (Randy Savage). So Ric is definitely someone I’d like to see talk about Okerlund, in my mind he’s not as linked to the deceased as the Hulkster.

Regardless of your opinion on any of that, though, the good news is that, according to PWInsider, Flair will be in Orlando for the show on Monday night. The site says they haven’t heard what Naitch will be doing on Raw, but there’s not really another angle to use him in other than an Okerlund memorial.

Although... he could rep his daughter, or otherwise have an intriguing segment where he talks Horsepeople business with the Raw Women’s champ while he’s there...

Excited to hopefully see the Nature Boy on Raw in a couple days? What do you see him getting up to while he’s there?

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