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WWE makes some bold championship claims for 2019

This week’s List This! video from WWE takes the unusual step of not only predicting the future, but guaranteeing their picks. It’s like what if Joe Namath was a YouTuber!

Seeing as they don’t say which title these five acts “WILL” win in 2019, they’ve left themselves some wiggle room. And it doesn’t feel terribly outrageous to say Miz and Drew McIntyre will hold a belt in the next twelve months - not when the Intercontinental and United States championships are options. Heck, they could win tag titles. The Celtic Colossus appears to have left team wrestling in his rearview for now, but Miz is in the middle of a major pairs storyline.

No matter how McIntyre & the A-Lister find gold, it won’t be terribly surprising. The other three names they offer feel like riskier choices.

Mandy Rose may be the least “out there” of the three. She’s clearly getting a push, and fits in a mold WWE likes to feature (understandably - lots of people like attractive, toned blonde women). Mandy also has an established tag partner, so she & Sonya Deville figure to be players in the newly announced women’s tag title picture.

Ember Moon is popular, but finding a teammate may be her best bet, too. As long as Ronda Rousey is sticking around, it’s hard to imagine her dropping the Raw Women’s title to anyone not named Flair, Lynch or maybe Baszler.

Then there’s SAnitY, who’ve finally returned to TV on SmackDown for the first time since spending a few months there after their call-up last spring. But Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain still haven’t been presented as consistent threats. That could change in a hurry, but it’s not something we’d feel comfortable setting in stone when we’ve seen as many signs they could be The Ascension 2.0 as we have they’ll be tag champs.

What do you think of List This!’s stone cold lead pipe locks?

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