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Mick Foley returns to the site of his first WWE championship victory

WWE does really well with these historical videos, even if it’s clearly slanted in the same way that history is written by the winner. Here, in a series called Revisited, Mick Foley heads back to the site of his first WWE championship win, which was historic not just for the fact that he won the title from The Rock that night but because Tony Schiavone spoiled it on WCW Nitro in a now infamous speech.

What affect that had on ratings and the Monday Night War remains in dispute, but his saying “that’ll put some butts in the seats” undoubtedly helped put Foley over.

“If you’re lucky, you’re remembered for a few key events over the course of a career. I’m remembered for maybe two events; one of them was the Hell in a Cell in Pittsburgh, June of 1998, and the other one was here — RIGHT HERE — at the Worcester Centre where The Rock and I made history. It looks like a nondescript tribute to concrete but it’s funny how you can make magic. When that door opens up, you step into that ring, and it is your canvas. You try to leave something beautiful behind.”


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