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Brock Lesnar’s first WWE photo shoot in over two years may bring hope for his future

Maybe The Beast Incarnate is in a good place.

It’s the start to WrestleMania season, which also mean the start it’s the start to Brock Lesnar contract speculation season. As the story goes, if Brock sees his shadow that means WWE fans get six more months of Lesnar occupying the Universal title picture.

Or something like that.

With rumors of Lesnar’s contract once again coming up, maybe this new photo shoot for WWE is a good sign of things to come. Depending on your opinion of Lesnar and his place on WWE’s chess board, the current Universal champion being happy with the company could be a good or bad thing.

Over the weekend, Lesnar posed for his first official WWE photo shoot in over two years. Below are a sample of a few of the pics with the full gallery available over at

Sure his look hasn’t changed much in the past 24 months, but its still mind boggling to think that Lesnar hasn’t had a new photo shoot in over two years.

Another UFC fight? Jumping ship to AEW? Who needs any of that, when we can get a happy Beast posing for WWE cameras?

Who’s ready for two more years of Brock Lesnar in your WWE main event picture?

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