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Possible cause of death for ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund revealed

Yesterday the pro wrestling community mourned the loss of WWE Hall of Famer ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund. Today (Jan. 3) more information about his sudden passing is coming to light.

In a new interview with Okerlund’s son Todd, TMZ reports on more of the details surrounding the death of the 76-year-old pro wrestling legend.

““Mean” Gene Okerlund was seriously injured during a nasty fall back in December ... triggering a rapid decline in his health that ultimately led to his death, his son tells TMZ Sports.”

“We spoke with Todd Okerlund who says Okerlund suffered multiple broken ribs during the fall at his Florida home and was treated at a hospital in Sarasota.”

The report continues

“Just 4 days before his death, Gene was admitted to a nursing home .... but he began to have trouble breathing and was rushed to a hospital on Wednesday where he ultimately passed away with his wife, Jeanne, by his side.”

On the day of his passing members of the pro wrestling community spoke about their memories of and the legacy Okerlund left behind. Read their reactions here and here.

Cageside’s own Kyle Decker also shared one of his favorite Okerlund interviews here.

Rest in peace Mean Gene.

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