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Becky Lynch buries the idea of a romance angle with a ‘middle-aged emo’

This was never going to end well for Cory Graves.

Remember back in August of last year when Graves said he was going to quit social media? Maybe, just maybe he should of stuck to his promise before he crossed paths with Becky Lynch.

Less than a month after Graves was dunked on by Lynch on Twitter, the Raw/SmackDown announcer poked the bear again.

Why would Graves purposefully invoke the wrath of The Man again? He answered an out of left field question about having a romance angle between himself and Lynch.

Wait, what?

With all due respect to Twitter user L.R. Barbosa, nobody, absolutely nobody has fantasy booked Graves and Lynch into any kind of on-screen relationship.

Don’t want.

Kind of upset that thought is even in our head now.

To her credit, Lynch was swift with her response.

“Of all the things I could “use” in my life right now, a romance with a middle-aged emo poured into skinny jeans isn’t one of them. Maybe you should wait till Monday to reply, you know, when you’ll have help with what to say.”

Stop the match.

Maybe it was just us, but it did feel like Graves was being extra harsh with his criticism of Lynch during her segment with John Cena on Tuesday night.

Will Corey Graves respond? Can he even respond at all to Becky Lynch at this point?

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